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About us

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Business philosophy

LAWCORPUS is a law firm operating for over a decade with its headquarters based in the heart of Kaunas city.

We are business lawyers with the most experience and competence in working with large and medium sized businesses. Clients entrust us with the most demanding tasks, confidential information, high-value projects, defence of their rights, etc. 90% of all negotiations, disputes and legal cases result in victories for the clients we represent.

Our business philosophy is based on knowledge, comprehensive logic and ability to deal with the client’s assignment in an expeditious and creative manner. We set the highest standards to provide our clients with the backing in ever-changing business environment.

Client is more than a company

We are business law professionals appreciated by our clients operating in the following fields: stevedoring, logistics, real estate, energy, design, construction, information technologies, trade and other businesses. For us, first and foremost, the client is a partner and an integral part of the team working towards common goals. For this reason we are chosen by clients who place a great importance on cooperation with a reliable partner, believe in victories, value quality and quick orientation, long-term and trust-based communication.

Long-term solutions

We invest our time and knowledge in creating value for the client’s business. Our team is motivated by the results achieved on behalf of our clients, therefore, with great dedication to our profession and our clients, we are moving quickly towards goals and victories. We offer our clients not only effective decisions at the right moment, but also long-term, risk-based solutions.

Memberships in organisations

We are actively involved in the activities of various business associations:

  • Kaunas Chamber of CIC (since 2021);
  • Association of Lithuanian Stevedoring Companies, Legal Committee (since 2014);
  • Lithuanian Employers’ Confederation (since 2012);
  • Lithuanian Bar Association (since 2009).

Pro Bono activities and support

We dedicate our financial and human resources through the availability of legal services to legal entities. Therefore, we help very small and non-profit legal entities: public institutions, associations, sports clubs, etc. by providing pro bono services in connection with defence of their rights. We also provide various forms of support and assistance to the most vulnerable groups of society.
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